Around the world in nine months - University of the Republic (Uruguay)


Around the world in nine months - University of the Republic (Uruguay)

Based on its 70-year old tradition, the University of the Republic (Uruguay) has an annual nine-month global trip for architecture students. It involves students raising money to visit countries all over the world learning through first-hand experience about history, culture and of course, architecture. Upon recent invitation by the Embassy of Uruguay, Turenscape and Turenscape Academy were honoured to meet Ambassador Fernanado Lugris, the staff and 180 Uruguay architecture students during their Beijing leg.


In the welcome speech, Ambassador Lugris emphasized the strong China-Uruguay relationship in economics, education, tourism, culture and sports. While in Uruguay, students in architecture, design and urbanism have studied Prof. Kongjian Yu’s design concepts and projects.They were delighted to hear first-hand from Turenscape Chief Planner of Studio3, Wang Yu as she expounded on Turenscape design concept of Ecological Infrastructure and “Big Foot” aesthetics.


Welcome speech by Ambassador Lugris


Turenscape has planned and designed over 300 Ecological Cities and 1500 landscape projects in more than 10 countries. Turenscape’s projects have earned great international reputation for innovative and environmentally sound design solutions and have won

·        15 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) awards

·        World’s Best Landscape Award sand Landscape of the Year at the World Architecture Festival (WAF)

·        The International Architecture Award (IAA)

·        APA International Excellence in Urban Planning

·        FuturArc Green Leadership Award

·        AZ Awards

·        WAN Awards (Urban RegenerationSector)

·        Award for Excellence Asia Pacific from Urban Land Institute (ULI)

·        Excellence on the Waterfront Honor Awards from Waterfront Center




Wang Yu, Chief Planner of Studio 3, introducing Turenscape design concepts and award-winning projects

Students learned about design challenges behind some of the international award-winning projects such as Kazan’s Prime Waterfront at Kaban Lakes, Russia.



Director of Studio 1, Shao Fei also introduced the design concepts and challenges behind Daxing Wetlands Park in Beijing.

As the educational arm of Turenscape, Turenscape Academy is focused on sustainable design training in landscape architecture, architecture, urbanism and art & design. TA’s collaboration with educational institutions has attracted professionals and students from China and all over the world to engage in creative dialogue and workshops across disciplines. We look forward to welcoming more University of the Republic (Uruguay) students inthe near future!



Choon Eichman introducing Turenscape Academy’s collaboration opportunities worldwide.





Daxing Wetlands Park site visit in Beijing

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