2018 Computational Design Workshop


This summer, are you working hard or hardly working?

At Turenscape Academy, our enthusiasm for learning is heating up with the weather outside!

Those of you hoping to use the summer to learn new skills, are you ready to join us?


It is 9:00 AM on July 21st, 2018.

We’re excited to announce that

Turenscape Academy’s Summer Design Bootcamp

has officially kicked off!

Let’s take a look!  

— Instructor —


— 冬木千枝 Chie Fuyuki —

Founder of Tuning Synesthesia

M.Arch - Pratt Institute

Former designer at Roy Studio (NYC)

Former designer at MAD Architects (Beijing)

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The focus of the bootcamp is an introduction to computational design theory and basic skills in Rhino 3D modeling software, Grasshopper visual programming,

and V-ray rendering software and techniques.

Aimed at beginners, this bootcamp will teach widely used commands and guide students through the modeling of archetypal cases, famous buildings that highlight Rhino’s ability to create fluid, organic, and beautiful forms. By the end of the bootcamp, all students will be able to achieve intermediate skills in both explicit and

implicit modeling.

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Instructors introducing the software

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Hands-on instruction from teaching team

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Students in deep concentration

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Students helping each other improve

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Live showcase on WeChat to demonstrate progress

Here's a peek of what we learned in 9 days!

(actual student works)

640.webp (16).jpg640.webp (19).jpg640.webp (21).jpg640.webp (20).jpg640.webp (17).jpg640.webp (22).jpg

As a student who tagged along in the class, I can only say...3D modeling is truly MAGICAL.


drawing a sinuous curve with your deft hand~

then with one swish of the mouse cursor~

a beautiful structure appears.

Wonderful, no?

Motivated to learn a new skill? Then join us at our next workshop!

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