Turenscape Academy in Tallinn Architecture Biennale


TAB Opening Week takes place 13-17th of September. Exhibitions and installations will stay open for public until the 27th of October.

TAB 2017 theme is bioTallinn, curated by architect, urbandesigner and ecologist Claudia Pasquero.


The convergence of biotechnology and information technology applied to landscape and urban design is considered by many pioneers as one of the most

promising future developments for our society. TAB 2017 bio.school exhibition offers the leading architecture studios in the field an opportunity to present their

latest explorations into architecture and urban design using biotech tools and biocomputing as a way to guide city development. The international architecture

schools exhibition presents design practice research case studies, linking different fields of design.The bio.school exhibition is complemented by discussions and

round tables on ways to advance architecture education facing specific challenges of the contemporary complexity and global context.

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The TAB 2017 bio.school exhibition is presented as a poster exhibition in an underground pedestrian tunnel next to the Balti Jaam railway terminus building.

The bio.school includes the latest work of academic institutions that teach architecture in various parts of the world.

In overall, TAB 2017 looks at the notion of collective intelligence as found in nature to envision resilient and adaptive urban design models, asking artists and

scientists to interpret that notion with original works that will inspire visitors into a new kind of interpretation of nature and the city, conjuring scenarios of urban

symbiosis and co-evolution. However,the academic exhibition is not entirely tied to the main topic but aims to present examples from different architecture

schools, evidencing the broad spectrum of ways and tools to teach architecture in contemporary context.

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Schools and representatives:

Bartlett/UCL, UK (Claudia Pasquero / MarcoPoletto, ecoLogicStudio)

Newcastle University, UK (Rachel Armstrong)

Stuttgart University ( ICD and ITKE / AchimMenges and Jan Knippers)

Vienna Angewandte (Bernhard Sommer, Galo Moncayo)

IAAC, Barcelona (Areti Markopoulou)

CITA/KADK, Copenhagen (Martin Tamke)

Politecnico di Milano   (Alessandro Rocca)

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Anastasios Tellios)

Vilnius Academy of Arts (RomualdasKučinskas)

Turenscape Academy (Tom Verebes)

CoDesignLab/African Fabbers School (PaoloCascone)

Tallinn University of Technology (JaanKuusemets, Kristi Grišakov)

Estonian Academy of Arts (Toomas Tammis/Andres Ojari)

Tallinn University of Applied Sciences(Hindrek Kesler/Tomomi Hayashi)

Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck, Austria (Kristina Schinegger)

University of Waterloo and Living Architecture Systems Group LASG, Canada (Philip Beesley)

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