Rethinking the Village: Rural/Urban/Industrial


Turenscape Academy participated in the USC Summer Exhibition, Shenzhen

Rethinking the Village:

Turenscape Academy participated in a major group exhibition, curated by Clifford Pearson and University of Southern California, and hosted at Urbanus, in Shenzhen. The exhibition opened on 22 July. TA Showed design work from a recent workshop, Digital Ruralism, led by Ignacio López Busón & Mary Polites, and assisted by Li Meizi & Cathy Doa.

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Chinese culture has its roots in the soil of the countryside. Even as hundreds of millions of people move to cities, the village remains a key

organizing element in terms of social, economic, and spatial structures. In rural areas, the village has lost much of its working-age population and is struggling to adapt to a new era in Chinese history. In metropolitan areas, villages in the city—chengzhongcun

function as vibrant places separate from, but connected to, the new urban districts growing all around them.   And industrial zones, once on the outskirts of cities, are now close to emerging central business districts and are being redeveloped as a new kind of village for creative enterprises.

This exhibition brings together the work of 17 schools of architecture and research-based design practices active in China.

The schools and firms come from around the world and bring different perspectives on the critical issues facing China today.

Participating schools and practices:

Architectural Association

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Columbia StudioX Rural China Lab

Contemporary Architecture Practice


DnA/Xu Tiantian

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecturede Saint-Étienne


Geoffrey von Oeyen

NODE Architecture & Urbanism

O-Office Architects

Rural Urban Framework

Stefan Al


Turenscape Academy

University of Saint Joseph, Macau

University of Southern California

Wallace Liu

This exhibition is presented by the University of Southern California’s American Academy in China in conjunction with Urbanus.



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Established under the auspices of USC’s School of Architecture, the American Academy in China strives to create cross-cultural

collaboration between the United States and China by promoting dialogue around design, the built environment, and the arts.