AA Visiting School 2017


Turenscape Academy hosts the Architectural AssociationVisiting School XIXINAN / NEW RURALISM
21-29 July 2017
Hosted at Turenscape Academy

AA Visiting School will be hosted at Xixinan,Huangshan in July. As an intensive nine-day studio-based course, we will investigate new computational design

approaches in architecture and urbanism.   We will experiment with technologies associated to evolutionary approaches to urbanism and architecture, through a

variety of time-based, dynamic models of complex growth and change. Design proposals will negotiate the paradoxical dynamic forces of urban

development and environmental change.

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Tom VEREBES (Provost, Turenscape Academy)

Ignacio LÓPEZ BUSÓN (MAPS, Tongji University, AAVS Shanghai)
Mary POLITES (MAPS, AAVS Shanghai)

XIONG Ying (Academic Director)
LI Ziyu (Administrative Assistant)

Chen Ting (Future Cities Lab, ETH Zurich / National University of Singapore,Singapore)
Richard HSU (TedX, Tongji University, Shanghai, Hong Kong)
Neville MARS (Mars Architects, Dynamic City Foundation, Shanghai)
YANG Wenqian (Lab Architecture Studio, Shanghai)

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Taking the new road network generated by optimal slope,we projected a growth pattern within our area constraints shown within a radius of 150 meters

from the edges of existing villages. The growth pattern presented a more localized area,following village clusters rather than a larger village network.