Study Program

Turenscape Academy partners with leading

universities to provide international students

with an in-depth and unique China experience.

The short-term visiting workshops/studios

provide visitors with a good understanding

of Chinese rural culture, Hui Architecture,

traditional irrigation system and water


Semester-Abroad Program

The semester-abroad program will provide an extraordinary China experience plus learning

more about Turenscape design philosophy.

The extended study program also allows for

in-depth understanding of design theories

behind award-winning landscape design

projects across China. The theoretical and

hands-on approach will address specific design

issues and through observation, research and

exploring design possibilities.

Professional Development Courses

Turenscape Academy provides professional
training courses on issues, methods and
techniques with the aim of advancing design
intelligence. Stay ahead professionally and
upgrade your professional skills in
computational design and avant-garde
design methods.
Interdisciplinary Workshops

Turenscape Academy offers short-term,
interdisciplinary, immersive, workshops for
students, professionals, planners and ecologists
using integrated design approach. These
engaging workshops embrace environmental
dynamics, agricultural practices, rural ecology,
cultural heritage, while experimenting with
complex structures and designs.
Research Scholar Program

Turenscape Academy welcomes scholars
wishing to conduct research in design
disciplines as well as humanities fields
related to the heritage, history, theory, and
culture in Xixinan and the surrounding areas.
Turenscape Academy's Learning-by-Doing philosophy inspires immersive, hands-on educational experiences that
extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Turenscape Academy offers a range of programs for students,
professionals and designers not only for the acquisition of skills and qualifications, but also for dynamic interaction.
All programs are led by distinguished educators, experts and practitioners in Architecture, Landscape Architecture,
Urbanism, Art & Design and Ecology.

Designer-led Site Visits

Turenscape's innovative and environmentally
sound projects have won numerous
international awards. In these designer-led lectures and excursions, you will explore
award-winning Chinese landscapes and see
how they are charting new sustainable
futures for megacities in China.

Turenscape Academy seeks to create a
platform for interdisciplinary discourse for
designers, professionals, academics and
students to discuss contemporary topics of
interests related to art & design, architecture
and landscape architecture. Previous forums
and symposiums on “Rural Design Practice”
and  “Digital Landscape” have ignited
engaging discussions.

Arts & Design Studio

As a hub for ancient poets, calligraphers and
artists, Turenscape Academy campus offers an
unmatched location for stimulating untapped potential in the making of art pieces. Whether
it is designing ceramics artwork, furniture
design, land art or watercolor painting, our
breathtaking site will enhance your creative
Professional Tutor Team
Interdisciplinary Training
Multi-level Practices