In 2016, Turenscape Academy was founded by Dr. Kongjian Yu, founder of  

Turenscape, founding dean of the Peking University College of Architecture

and Landscape Architecture, Professor and Honorary Foreign Fellow of the

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and PhD from Harvard Graduate

School of Design.

Established in 1998, Turenscape is one of the first and largest private

architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism practices in China.

Dr. Yu's pioneering research on Ecological Security Patterns and Sponge

Cities has been adopted by the Chinese government as the guiding theory

for national land use planning, eco-city campaigns, and urban ecological

restoration. Dr. Yu's clear vision of bringing harmony between Earth and

Mankind has been used to transform many heavily polluted wastelands into

aesthetics of sustainability.

Turenscape has planned and designed over 300 ecological cities and 1000

landscape projects in China and internationally. Turenscape's projects have

earned great international reputation for innovative and environmentally

sound designs and have consecutively won many international awards

including thirteen American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) awards

and five World's Best Landscape Awards at the World Architecture Festival


Turenscape Academy, the educational arm of Turenscape, is an international

institution focusing on sustainable design training in planning, ecology

architecture, landscape architecture, and art & design. Its core values include

the exploration of environmental, social, and cultural sustainability for the

design of better buildings, landscapes, and cities in a rapidly urbanizing world.

Turenscape Academy (TA) aims to provide multi-level, interdisciplinary
training for students, professionals, planners, and ecologists charged with the
challenges and opportunities of accelerated urbanization in Architecture,
Landscape Architecture, Urbanism and Art & Design. Its integrated design
approach embraces environmental dynamics, agricultural practices, rural
ecology, cultural riches, sociology and other disciplinary arenas. As an
innovative studio-based model, TA provides a clear alternative to traditional
design education. The interdisciplinary collaboration fostered at TA is seen as
a catalyst for dialogue and dissemination through symposiums, conferences,
workshops, publications, site interventions, exhibitions and other events.

We believe the best learning comes from combining theory and practice.

With the philosophy of Learning-by-Doing, Turenscape Academy creates an

immersive educational environment for continuous lifelong learning. Learning

-by-Doing encourages students and professionals to creatively and practically

engage in important urban challenges. To enable an open atmosphere of

mutual learning, TA strives to develop broad partnerships with exploratory

studios, research-based organizations and other professional and educational

institutions in China and worldwide.

• Doctor of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design
• Doctor Honoris Causa in Landscape and Environment, the Sapienza University of Rome
• Honorary Foreign Fellow, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences
• Fellow, The American Society of Landscape Architects
• Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor of Design, Peking University
• Professor, College of Architecture and Landscape, Peking University
• Founder, Turenscape & Turenscape Academy
Dr. Kongjian Yu
Barry Bergdoll
Member of American Academy
of Arts and Sciences
Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art
History and Archaeology,
Columbia University
Michael Van Valkenburgh
Member of American Academy of
Arts and Sciences
Charles Eliot Professor in Practice
of Landscape Architecture, Graduate
School of Design, Harvard University
Founding principal of Michael Van
Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
Christophe Girot
Director and Professor
Institute of Landscape Architecture
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Daniel S. Friedman
Dean and Professor, College of
Architecture, University of Hawaii
President of the Association of
Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Peter Rowe
Raymond Garbe Professor of
Architecture and Urban Design and
University Distinguished Service
Professor, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
Michael Sorkin (1948-2020)
Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Founder, Michael Sorkin Studio
The City University of New York
Distinguished Professor
Carl Steinitz
Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Landscape Architecture
and Planning Emeritus
Graduate School of Design, Harvard
Frederick Steiner
Professor and Dean, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania
Xiong, Ying

Choon Eichman

Head of External Relations
Wang, Weige

Administrative Manager
Li, Ziyu

Marketing  Manager
Carl Steinitz
Carl Steinitz
Stephen Ervin
Stephen Ervin
Ignacio Lopez-Buson
Ignacio Lopez-Buson
Mary Polites
Mary Polites
Olivier Ottevaere
Olivier Ottevaere
Vinayak Bharne
Vinayak Bharne
Pang, Wei
Pang, Wei
Song, Yu
Song, Yu
Wang, Xin
Wang, Xin
Chie Fuyuki
Chie Fuyuki
Jeffrey Huang
Jeffrey Huang
Nigel Bertram
Nigel Bertram
Yan, Bin
Yan, Bin
Chen, Jie
Chen, Jie
Hana Huang, Qijin
Hana Huang, Qijin
Casey Kell
Casey Kell
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